WBL TMS: Revolutionizing Tournament Management in Professional Bowling

WBL TMS embodies efficiency, providing a simplified approach to managing bowling tournaments, reducing the logistical burden, and enhancing the overall experience.

WBL TMS: Revolutionizing Tournament Management in Professional Bowling
Key Insights:
  • Simplicity and Efficiency: WBL TMS embodies efficiency, providing a simplified approach to managing bowling tournaments, reducing the logistical burden, and enhancing the overall experience.
  • WBL Vanguard Program: Early access to WBL TMS is available for bowling centre operators and tournament organizers, offering them an opportunity to experience and leverage the system's benefits ahead of a broader rollout.
  • Corporate Engagement - WBL CorporateBowl: A unique feature within the WBL TMS, enabling corporations to organize bowling tournaments. This aspect not only promotes the sport but also emphasizes its benefits in team building, employee satisfaction, and overall wellness.

In our contemporary world, technology isn't merely a tool; it's an extension of our aspirations, a catalyst for our dreams. It's in this spirit that we, at LSC and WBL, are harnessing the power of technology to redefine the sport of bowling.

The Power of Technology in Sports

In the realm of sports, technology has proven to be a game-changer. It has reshaped how athletes train, how fans engage with their favourite games, and even how we organize and manage sporting events. At WBL, we're wholeheartedly embracing this transformative potential.

WBL's Hi-Tech Solution: WBL TMS & WBL App

We've created a platform for the sport of bowling, a modern-day, hi-tech solution featuring two powerful products: the WBL Tournament Management System (TMS) and the WBL App. These tools are designed to empower both tournament organizers and bowlers of all skill levels and pedigrees.

Introducing the WBL Tournament Management System: WBL TMS

As they say, complexity is the enemy of execution. For too long, tournament management in the world of bowling has been plagued by complexity. The process of creating and managing tournaments has been tedious, time-consuming, and predominantly manual.

The unorganized nature of these processes increases the risk of data loss and mismanagement, robbing the experience of its joy. But today, we're here to put an end to that struggle.

Introducing the World Bowling League Tournament Management System: WBL TMS

WBL TMS Login Terminal
WBL TMS Login Terminal

Simplifying Tournament Management

For organizers, we've streamlined and simplified tournament management with the WBL TMS. It's a one-stop destination that takes care of:

  • Tournament Creation: Effortlessly create bowling tournaments, sparing you the headaches of manual organization.
Swift Tournament Creation With WBL TMS
Swift Tournament Creation With WBL TMS
  • Operationalisation: Streamline the operational aspects, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.
Seamless Tournament Operationalisation With WBL TMS
Seamless Tournament Operationalisation With WBL TMS
  • Publishing to Global Marketplaces: Extend your reach by easily promoting your tournaments to global audiences.
Publish Bowling Tournaments On A Global Platform
Publish Bowling Tournaments On A Global Platform With WBL TMS
  • Creation and Management of Side Brackets: Customize your tournaments with side brackets or side pots, making your events more engaging.
WBL TMS Side-Pots Creation And Management
  • Financial Management: From fee collection to automated prize distribution, we've got it all covered.
  • Transparent and Secure Prize Distribution: The automated prize distribution system guarantees a secure and transparent payout process for deserving champions, eliminating ambiguity and disputes.

That is the power of the WBL TMS, embodying superiority through simplicity. It's a game-changer that takes away the stress and restores the fun of tournament management.

WBL Corporate Bowl: Elevating Corporate Experiences

But that's not all; we have something special for corporations as well. We are introducing the WBL Corporate Bowl, a segment within the WBL TMS tailored to corporate needs.

WBL Corporate Bowl
WBL Corporate Bowl

This feature allows corporations to host engaging bowling experiences for their employees, whether it's a single night of bowling or a full-fledged tournament spanning global offices.

Simplicity and Efficiency

The process is incredibly straightforward. The HR department of a corporation can create a tournament via the Corporate Bowl feature within the WBL TMS and connect with the WBL Corporate Bowl Team.

WBL Corporate Bowl Process
WBL Corporate Bowl Process

Within hours, a WBL Experience Manager will be assigned, who will, in turn, allocate a bowling alley within a specified radius, ensuring an effortless experience for corporations.

Benefits Beyond Bowling

The amazing bowling experiences enabled by our WBL TMS extend beyond the lanes. They enhance team spirit, and camaraderie, and offer tangible benefits like improved physical health and reduced stress levels through the power of bowling.

This is how the WBL TMS is more than just a tournament management system; it's an all-in-one solution that elevates overall productivity, boosts morale, and enhances employee satisfaction, helping corporations achieve their team-building goals.

In the digital age, technology is a formidable ally, and with the WBL TMS, we're bringing the future of bowling right to your fingertips.

Join the WBL Vanguard Program

If you're a bowling center operator or tournament organizer, the time to take advantage of the WBL TMS is now. You can join our WBL Vanguard Program for early access to the system and receive exclusive early-bird discounts.

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